About David Lafferty

David Lafferty is the author of Afterlife – An Introduction to Dante’s Inferno, and the creator of Dante Explorer. ┬áHe and his wife make their home in northern California.

Dante’s Divine Comedy is an incredible trip through he afterlife. Yet it’s audience is often restricted to academics or those with the time to do the necessary research to understand the poem. Afterlife – An Introduction to Dante’s Inferno is David Lafferty’s exploration of Inferno for those of us who want to an understandable, enjoyable introduction to this amazing literary masterpiece.

Lafferty takes us into the world of Hell (Inferno), the most accessible of the three books of the Divine Comedy. It’s a terrifying journey, enhanced by a collection of images depicting the various characters and scenes in Inferno. The book also includes introductory material as well as pointing out much of the symbolism and allegory of the poem. A great starting point for new readers of Dante.

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