Summary of the Circles of Dante’s Inferno

Summary of the Levels of Hell


Gate of Hell – Cowards who refused to take a stand for or against God.  Running aimlessly, stung by wasps.

Circle one – Limbo. Virtuous pagans.  Virgil, Plato. Unfulfilled desire, hopelessness and grief.

Circle two – The lustful.  Francesca and Paolo. Cleopatra.  Eternally being swirled in windstorm.

Circle three – The gluttons.  Guarded by the three-headed dog, Cerberus.  Eating slime and muck.

Circle four – The prodigal and the miserly.  Hoarders and wasters pushing enormous stones against each other.

Circle five – The wrathful and the sullen.  Thrashing flesh and bodies torn apart in dark filthy water of the River Styx.

Circle six – The heretics.  City of Dis.   Sinners living in fiery tombs.

Circle seven – The violent, the suicides, the blasphemers, the sodomites, the usurers.
A river of boiling blood guarded by Centaurs.  Souls become a forest of suffering trees,
others torn apart by dogs, rain of fire, mutilation.

Circle eight – Fraudulent, pimps, seducers, flatterers, simonists, sorcerers, corrupt politicians, sewers of division, falsifiers, alchemists, thieves.  Eternally walking and tormented. Living in excrement. Stuffed into holes. Heads turned backwards. Boiling tar. lead capes. Snakes. Flames.

Circle nine – Betrayers of family, country, and God.  Sinners encased in ice.  Home of Satan.   Cannibalism.  Judas being eternally chewed by Lucifer.


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6 thoughts on “Summary of the Circles of Dante’s Inferno

  1. Thank you for all of this – I am Italian spoken and often get through the pages of the Inferno without need of English – I do not like other people’s translations they can be misleading.
    I was educated in England at the expense of a Step-father for whom there may be a special place on Hell – I have recently begun to study my Mother’s language, Italian – and need to go back to France too my Father was half Breton.
    I like all the work you have done – may I visit again

  2. hell is real . As it was stated in the Bible . but no one really know what it looks like . hell is eternal death . but God gave us eternal life if we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior 🙂 God bless

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  4. Thanks Victorina! I haven’t been happy with paid services. They’re easy, but often slow. WordPress is awesome but there is a learning curve. If you want to get up and running quickly blogger is good. It really depends on whether how much time you want to put into the blog setting it up and how many features you want.

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