The Grafters

A devil carrying a soul of the damned in his claws runs toward Dante and Virgil. They watch in horror as the devil throws the sinner into a river of boiling tar. This is the circle of the grafters, those corrupt politicians who abused their authority in office. Florentine politics are evident in this canto where the fraudulent leaders who exiled Dante the poet from his home reside.  These souls are condemned to live eternally in boiling tar with the devils constantly prodding them under with pitchforks (Dante compares it to chefs pushing down the meat in a stew).

Virgil has Dante hide behind a rock while he talks to the leader of the devils explaining that they are to pass through Hell on God’s command. The bridge to the next level is broken, and the devils agree to lead Dante and Virgil to a good bridge to cross. After coming out of hiding, Dante is terrified and wary, while Virgil is confident in the devils word. As it turns out, Dante’s fears are justified.


Escape from the Demons


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3 thoughts on “The Grafters

  1. Thanks for posting this summary of Dante’s Inferno. I first read it in sixth grade when I was encouraged to do so by my teacher. I took something completely different from it (understandably so) when I read it again in high school. It’s wonderful to read this over – when will the next installment come?

  2. Thank you, glad you enjoy it! I generally post weekly. The original illustrations are by Gustave Dore.

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