The Teacher from Hell

As the group of the souls of the sodomites run by, one of them approaches Dante and Virgil. It is Dante’s old teacher, Brunetto Latini. The two have a brief discussion and Dante learns that these souls must always keep moving, or will be forced to lie on the ground for 100 years unable to brush off the rain of fire.

Three more souls approach, and in order to keep moving while speaking with Dante, they form a circle around him, constantly walking and talking. Dante the poet compares this to a strange dance, like wrestlers circling each other before a match.

After this group races off, Dante and Virgil approach a deafening waterfall. Virgil then takes the cord that Dante had tied around his waste and throws it into the abyss where the waterfall empties. Dante is shocked by what he sees next.

The Moneylenders

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