The gluttons

Dante wakes up and finds himself in a stinking rain and hailstorm, deep in filth and muck. It is the circle of the gluttons and is guarded by the three-headed beast, Cerebrus. Virgil scoops up muck from the ground and throws it to Cerebrus to eat, allowing them to pass. The souls in this circle spend eternity wallowing and eating the disgusting slime they live in, again experiencing punishment imitating their gluttonous sins on earth.

Interestingly, we find that Dante and Virgil walk through the “bodies” of the souls in the afterlife (Dante calls them “shades”), they will only retrieve their physical bodies at the last judgment.

Apparently, the souls can see into the future to some extent, and Dante presses his acquaintance for more details. After a short discussion, the soul loses focus and descends back into the muck and filth. Dante and Virgil then continue their journey into the next circle of Hell.


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