Do I really want to do this?


In the second chapter (or Canto), Virgil explains to Dante why he has been picked to take this journey (Dante is starting to get cold feet). Virgil tells Dante that the Virgin Mary has taken pity on Dante in his plight, and she in turn told Saint Lucia to help. Saint Lucia then asked Beatrice (whom Dante loved, more on her later) to intercede. Finally Beatrice traveled down to Hell, grabbed Virgil and told him to be Dante’s guide.

Perhaps a little bureaucratic, but things start picking up very quickly. Finally Dante agrees, and the journey to Hell formally begins.


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My Journey Through Dante’s Heaven

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5 thoughts on “Do I really want to do this?

  1. Adi Da Samraj: ” People tend to think that, at death your just dead- or else you go to heaven. For most people death is in the furture. It’s not connected with the present. However, what occurs after death is actually determind by how you live and by your state of concsiousness while alive.”

  2. I have heard so many things about this book. The description here already makes me want to read it. Hopefully I can find the time very soon.

  3. Sounds like Dante’s journey through hell would be horrifying to say the least. I think there are many places that soul can go after death and a form of hell would be one place – it would be the place you have earned after your life here.

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