Encounter with Satan

As Dante and Virgil walk, they see sinners now completely encased in the ice.  They are frozen alive for eternity in various contortions and positions, unable to even speak.  In the distance Dante sees what looks to him like a windmill.  As they get closer, they see it is Satan, flapping his bat-like wings, frozen in the water from the chest down.  In a mockery of the Trinity, Satan has three terrifying faces, each face chewing on a sinner.


This marks the end of Dante’s journey through Hell.  However, his journey through the afterlife continues through Purgatory and Paradise.  All three parts of Dante’s Divine Comedy are amazing even today, and well worth reading.

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2 thoughts on “Encounter with Satan

  1. I always love reading the story of Dante’s Inferno the Divine Comedy
    Great read I started in high school..I picked it up after the Cantebury Tales
    All great stuff to read satisfies my curiosity and then some..love the detail on the explinations of what ol Dante saw..

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